Lake Arrowhead Hiking, Lake Arrowhead Hiking Trails

Lake Arrowhead Hiking.
Lake Arrowhead Hiking.

Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead CA, Lake, Arrowhead.
Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead CA, Lake, Arrowhead.
Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead CA, Lake, Arrowhead.
Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead CA, Lake, Arrowhead.
Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowhead CA, Lake, Arrowhead.

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Lake Arrowhead Hiking Trails

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Pacific Crest Trail PC2000: Moderate
Beginning near Cleghorn Mountain, the Pacific Crest Trail crosses State Highway 138, winds through the Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area, past Mojave River Dam, and ascends parallel to deep Creek to Splinter's Cabin above Cedar Glen.

Children's Forest: Easy
A 1/2-mile self-guided and paved trail that's handicapped-accessible, off Highway 18 at Keller Peak Road, east of Running Springs, San Bernardino Mountains.

North Shore Trail 3W12: Moderate
Start at the beginning of FS Road 2N25 between North Shore Campground and Papoose Lake. To reach 2N25, turn east on Torrey Road opposite the Lake Arrowhead Marina. Turn at first left and follow the dirt road 1/2 mile to where you reach the trail head on the east (right) side of 2N25. The trail descends gently through a mixed conifer forest and settles finally along Little Bear Creek where you will reach FS Road 2N26Y after 1 mile.

Heaps Peak Arboretum 3W05: Easy
Self-guided tour with many points of interest. Entrance is three-quarters of a mile east of Santa's Village, off Highway 18.

Crab Creek Trail: Moderate
Begins 1.3 miles west of Crab Flats Campground on FS Road 3N34 and provides the primary access to Fisherman's Camp on deep Creek. The trail descends moderately westward crossing Crab Creek 1.3 miles from deep Creek must be forded to reach Fisherman's Camp. The scenery along this trail is exceptional. Camping at Fisherman's Camp is by group permit only. CAUTION: Attempting to cross deep Creek when the river is high can be dangerous and is not recommended.

Indian Rock Trail 3W15: Easy
Begins immediately east of Rock Camp Station on Highway 173. The trail leads to bedrock mortars used by the Serrano Indians to grind acorns and to make flour. Bedrock mortars were formed by the grinding action of mono and pestel stones.A stone monument marks the site.

SNOW SLIDE 2N13: Moderately Difficult
This cross country ski tour winds 10 miles from its beginning at Green Valley Campground to Fawnskin at Big Bear Lake. The tour is long, but there are few steep sections. The snow is the most reliable in this area of the San Bernardino Mountains. The bottoms of three avalanche paths are crossed between 4 and 5 miles out of Green Valley so it is suggested that this area be avoided during and immediately after storms. Skiing is generally good between December and April.

This trail begins on the north edge of the forest near Bowen Ranch (where you are asked to pay a toll to cross private land) and leads south to Deep Creek. Directly south across Deep Creek you will find the Hot Springs pools for which this trail is named. CAUTION! The Hot Springs water contains a rare and sometimes fatal disease call amoebic menigoeucephalitis. It is advisable not to submerse your head as eyes, ears, nose and mouth are all possible portals of entry for infections. More information is available in the "Deep Creek" handout available at Lake Arrowhead Visitor Center.

Lake Arrowhead Hiking

Forest visitors are required to display a National Forest Adventure Pass in their vehicle when parked in the San Bernardino National Forest for recreation purposes. It is not required at a site where a fee is already charged, at ranger stations or visitor centers, when you are traveling through the forest but not stopping, or when you are parked at a residence or other private organization. It is available in two forms: a daily pass and an annual pass good for one year from the month of purchase. Discounts for senior citizens with a Golden Age Passport or a person with disabilities with a Golden Access Passport are available when purchasing a pass at Forest Service offices. Passes are available at the Lake Arrowhead Ranger Station (909) 337-2444, at the Lake Arrowhead Visitors Center in Rim Forest and in many local businesses.

Visit the Lake Arrowhead Hiking Club for more information.

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Welcome to Lake Arrowhead California
Lake Arrowhead is a stunning mountain community located in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest.

The Lake Arrowhead area began developing in the 1890s. Since that time Lake Arrowhead has become a popular resort and vacation location. The beauty of the area and the many unique local businesses draw people here and keep them coming back.

Hike, camp, swim and water ski in the Lake Arrowhead summers. Snow ski, sled, and enjoy cozy fires in the Lake Arrowhead winters.

Enjoy the world-class dining and shopping Lake Arrowhead has to offer anytime of the year.


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