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big bear highway map. Bigbear Vacations for the Biker
There is probably no greater view for a biker than riding their Bigbear chopper through the Big Bear Mountains of California. Located in the San Bernardino National Forest, the Big Bear Mtns. (shorthand for mountains if you are too lazy to spell it out), offers a great ride through some gorgeous territory.

With Big Bear Chopper's annual "Ride the Mountain" event in early June, you have the perfect opportunity to create a riding vacation. Big Bear Mountains, California's answer to "chopper heaven" is a great destination. And with an event to attend and plan around, you are in for a great ride.

Planning your Big Bear Mtn. Adventure
 big bear mountains in california.If you are a part of the “Ride the Mountain” event, you can grab some Big Bear lodging at one of the resorts in the area. By visiting the website for Big Bear Choppers, you can find out which of the Big Bear California hotels is offering discounts to participants of the event.

Or maybe you would prefer booking a cabin or cottage. Rather than going for hotel room service, you can probably get a cabin and cook your own food for a price close to that of one of the hotels. Of course, going the cabin or cottage route, you will have the opportunity to try some Big Bear lake fishing!

When you are not partaking of some of the events at the "Ride the Mountain" event like the country music concert or poker run around Big Bear Lake, you can have a little wilderness adventure by hiking through the mountains. Of course, the lure of all those motorcycles and choppers on display or the many exhibits and vendors might keep you from venturing out too far.

Be prepared for your Big Bear mountain motorcycle ride vacation by doing your research, either through the internet or through the local Chamber of Commerce. If you are not familiar with the roads or the general area, be sure to buy yourself some Big Bear maps, specifically a Big Bear highway map. While the scenery is second to none, you don't want to be caught lost up in the mountains!

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